Bonfire apps

we create apps for more quality time between close people.

we entered a new era.

an era where our friends’ posts are replaced by those of influencers you venerate without even knowing them.

an era where you can ‘speak’ with anyone in the world in 5 minutes.

an era where it’s hard to have a coffee with a friend without texting someone else.

an era of ephemeral encounters.

results: we feel like we know everyone, but end up feeling alone and close to no one.

people seek more connection & authenticity.

one of the biggest challenges for humanity in the coming years is to manage to connect intensely, deeply, through ‘quality time’ with those we already know.

it won’t happen with the next facebook.

but with lots of apps, each targeting a specific type of relationship.

apps that will create more relationships, more connections, more laughter.

in short, more quality time.

between friends, where is the online mobile experience to recreate the feeling of a heart-to-heart fireside chat in the mountains?

as a couple, where is the online mobile experience for fanning & maintaining the flame daily, continuing to admire your partner, rediscover him or her again and again?

on a date, where is the gamified online mobile experience to break the ice without an awkward context, like when you meet someone unexpectedly at a friend's birthday party?

with your family, where's the online mobile experience to debrief the past with your parents, like on a long drive to the countryside?

with strangers, where is the online mobile experience to connect between gangs, through gamified opposition, as in a chat perché in the playground?

we are bonfire apps.

here to build the mobile apps that will reconnect you to your closed ones.

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